(Persia Digest) – Prior to a speech scheduled to be delivered by the US Secretary of State to a group of selected Iranian-Americans, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has set an apology by Pompeo as a starting point for talks and asks him:

Trump and his administration have uniquely and negatively targeted Iranians since January '17. We hope Secretary Pompeo will answer the following key questions at his address on Sunday:

1- Iranians want peace, not war. Why does Trump hire warmongers like John Bolton who called for bombing Iran? Why did you suggest 2,000 bombing sorties as a viable alternative to nuclear negotiations?

2- We’ve seen legitimate aspirations for democratic change be twisted to support disastrous wars of choice. How will the administration avoid repeating the mistakes that led to the war in Iraq with Iran?

3- Many Iranians celebrated in the street after the nuclear deal. Now, 80 million Iranians will be the direct target of the snapback of sanctions. Why must they suffer under both the repressive regime and crushing sanctions?

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4- Iranian Americans want a true and representative democracy for #Iran that respects human rights. However, sanctions have historically empowered hardline forces in Iran. Why would Trump’s snapback of sanctions be any different?

5- Iranians aren’t a terror threat and Iranian Americans are one of the highest achieving émigré communities in the US. Despite this, they can’t get visas thanks to you and Trump. Why won’t the State Dept lift the Muslim ban?

6- We are deeply concerned that these and other serious questions will not be addressed, and instead Sec Pompeo will use the event as a photo-op to claim the community’s support for policies that will overwhelmingly harm Iranians.

7- We are open to serious dialogue, but we don't believe that will begin Sunday. We hope Sec Pompeo will start by apologizing for sanctioning millions of ordinary Iranians, harming their efforts for change and banning them.

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