(Persia Digest) – The number of Iranian investors is dwindling in Dubai and Indian investors are now leading the way.

The names of Iranian investors were always on the list of the annual foreign investment report published in Dubai – ranking 1st to 10th. An annual economic report published today by the UAE Department of statistics announced that “according to the list of investors from 25 countries in the first half of this year, names of Iranian investors are not seen.”

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According to the UAE Statistic Department, India, Pakistan, Egypt, China, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh, and Lebanon rank 1st to 10th respectively on the list of biggest investors in Dubai.

Reports indicate that in recent years, Iranians have been investing outside Iran due to western sanctions in order to continue business on a global level. Recently, they have been pulling out of Dubai and investing in Izmir, Turkey. Thirteen Iranian companies have moved from Dubai to Izmir.

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