(Persia Digest) – The spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has responded to last night’s speech by the US Secretary of State, stating: “The people of Iran will unite and put behind them all your conspiracies.”

Bahram Ghasemi condemned the speech Mike Pompeo delivered to an audience of Iranian-Americans in the US, saying: “The hypocritical and absurd speech of the US Secretary of State to this audience was simply instrumental and a propaganda. More than ever before, it is a sign of US despondency following its illegal exit from the JCPOA without reaching the aims of this unwise unilateral withdrawal and global isolation.”

He added: “The speech is an obvious case of US intervention in the internal affairs of Iran, in line with the long-term, destabilizing, and destructive policies of this country who violates its international obligations.”

The spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said imposing the harshest illegal sanctions in history against the interests of the Iranian people, calling them terrorists, and refusing them entry visas to the US on the one hand, and claiming to be their friend on the other are nothing but lies.

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Ghasemi continued: “No Iranian will ever forget the CIA led 1953 coup d'état against their democratically elected government, the relentless help given to terrorists and their dependent separatist groups, the support given to Saddam Hussein in his 8-year war against the Iranian people, the shooting down of the Iran Air passenger plane over the Persian Gulf, and tens of other anti-Iranian activities by US administrations.”

He emphasized: “All throughout history, Iranians have never bowed down to the oppressive pressures of foreign powers. Under the present circumstances, not only will they not support the policies of the current warmongering US President and a small minority in this country who are not bound by any principles and ethical norms, they will certainly remain united against such threats and interventions by US authorities.”

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