(Persia Digest) – Lorestan Province, in western Iran, has a chain of over 100 unique historic bridges earning it the name of the capital of the world's historic bridges.

Throughout history, the province has been an important north-south passage in Iran. This placed it in a unique position under the Medes, Achaemenids, Sassanid, and the Islamic period on the Hegmataneh-Shush route, calling for numerous bridges to be built in this area.

These brides include Gavmishan, Shapuri, Pol Ajori, Pol Dokhtar, Kalhor, Kashkan, and Shekasteh, dating back to over 1400 years ago with their unique design and architecture.

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A large number of these amazing bridges measure more than 200 meters in length. Their arched fountains with 30 meters of length display the wisdom of the architects and technology of this land in ancient times.

Kashkan historic bridge has abutments with a surface area of 200 square meters and the height of a 12-storey building, making it one of the world’s unique bridges with such measurements.

Shekasteh bridge belongs to the Sassanid period. It is the only bridge built will all stones and its large dimensions are another special feature of this bridge in Lorestan. 

Gavmishan has the largest span of historic bridges in the world.

Lorestan Province has been looking forward to the fulfilment of the promise of its bridges being registered by the Unesco World Heritage Centre. They have been on the provisional list of registration for years; but this has not become official due to various reasons, including a lack of restoration works.

Officials have promised to achieve this by 2021 according to plan and have the brides registered by Unesco. This will not only introduce this national heritage dating back to 1400 ago to the world and keep it for posterity, it will also transform Lorestan into a tourist destination for those who will enjoy the beauty of this region.

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