(Persia Digest) – The first traditional foods and handicrafts festival for women will be held at the Rayen Citadel in Kerman Province from 26 July to 1 August 2018.

Free cooking classes will be held here together with recreational and cultural activities, including folk music and the traditional customs of the Province. 

Culinary Tourism and an Iranian cooking festival will also be held in Urmia for the first time.

The Festival aims to support food culture in Iran as its oldest art; it also includes discovering skilled cooks in the Province and promoting Culinary Tourism in a relaxed atmosphere. This will run in Urmia national park and the permanent site of its international fair grounds from 20-24 August.

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The program includes performing traditional customs, cookery competition, selecting top food stores, a general training workshop, culinary and restaurant keeping skills, food displays, exhibition of Iranian goods, and a Q&A time on food by famous chefs.

The selected provincial cooks and food stores will take part in a national competition at the Tehran International Tourism Fair in Jan-Feb 2019.

The Festival will be held in the three categories of “Family Cooking Competition”, “Top Cook Competition”, and “Food Stores and Supply Centers Competition”.

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