(Persia Digest) – The International Legal Center at the Iranian President’s Office has announced that following a complaint filed by the IR of Iran against the United States, the President of the International Court of Justice has warned the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in an official letter ‘to act in such a way as will enable any order the Court may make on the request for provisional measures regarding the Iran case to have its appropriate effects.’”

Mohsen Mohebbi added: “Iran has filed a complaint against the unilateral US reimposition of sanctions against Iran and the violation of international laws and its commitments under the Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights, a bilateral treaty between the US and Iran signed in 1955. Under the terms of this treaty, the United States was committed to fair treatment of Iranian nationals and not preventing monetary and banking transactions.”

He continued: “Due to the urgency and adverse effects of the reimposed unilateral US sanctions, especially in healthcare, treatment of disease, medicine, and air safety, simultaneously with filing its complaint at The Hague, the IR of Iran has asked it to put a stop to the return of sanctions at this stage of the proceedings until the issuance of a final verdict. We have asked the Court to stop these US actions.”

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He added: “Considering the urgency of the matter, the Chief Justice has referred to Article 74 (4) of the RULES OF THE COURT on Tuesday afternoon and sent an official letter within the past hour to the US Secretary of State, warning the US to refrain from taking any new steps in this regard, asking it “to act in such a way as will enable any order the Court may make on the request for provisional measures to have its appropriate effects after voting on 27 August.”

According to sources, this is similar to provisional measures issued for the cessation of actions in financial cases and indicates the importance and sensitivity of the Iranian complaint for the International Court of Justice.

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