(Persia Digest) – Hassan Rouhani has begun the changes in the composition of his cabinet with its economic members. After widespread criticism from the various political currents in Iran, Hassan Rouhani finally decided to reshuffle the cabinet.

The first change came with the CBI, where CEO Valiollah Seif was replaced by Abdolnaser Hemmati who was previously the CEO of Central Insurance of Iran. He had been appointed as the Iranian Ambassador to China earlier.

Over the past few months, exchange rate fluctuations and unprecedented increases in the price of the dollar and other currencies against the rial had led to increased dissatisfaction among the Iranian people. Many elites and experts, as well as a large numbers of Iranian MPs, had called for the removal of Valiollah Seif.

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Mohammad-Bagher Nobakht, Hassan Rouhani's advisor for Supervision and Strategic Affairs, Head of Plan and Budget Organization, and Spokesperson of the government, also announced today that he had resigned from all his government duties, but his resignation was not accepted by the President. Nobakht is also the Secretary General for the Moderation and Development Party and supported Hassan Rouhani in the 2013 and 2017 elections.

Nobakht said the President will pursue the best interests of the people and circumstances in his cabinet reshuffle.

It remains to be seen whether this is the only change in the cabinet of Iran, or whether other ministers are also on the reshuffle list.

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