(Persia Digest) – The Spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “The US authorities can forget the idea of one-sided, demanding negotiations by threatening Iran forever. They must not pursue their failed policies.”

In response to the latest remarks made by various US officials demanding talks with Iran while threatening it, Bahram Ghasemi stated: “The brave, civilized nation of Iran has an ancient past of making proud history with its rich culture and wisdom when under threat. It has always answered menace with menace and reverence with reverence. It has never bowed down to excessive, oppressive demands, nor has it ever waivered in protecting its rights, territorial integrity, and independence.”

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Ghasemi continued: “The US must know better than ever before that the current world is not one of dominance and one-sided relations. A look at the world public opinion and its negative image of the performance of the US administration represents a profound transformation in the international arena. The US must know its limits and recognize its place in this day and age. It must make a greater dedication to understanding Iran's status, dignity, and role.”

He emphasized: “Today, as before, the word and actions of US statesmen cannot be trusted for talks, especially in the American style.”

Persia Digest reports that in less than two days after his threatening tweets to Iran, President Donald Trump has said he is ready to make a real deal with Tehran.

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