(Persia Digest) – “I'm not naive to say that we can create a fracture between the US and Europe. There is a fracture between them that we need to use, we do not need to bridge the fracture.” Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said at the first joint meeting of ambassadors and heads of Iran's diplomatic missions with the private sector.

“We should not force the world to choose between us and the economic pressure. We can use the opportunities provided to us in this area. Among those are interaction with small and medium-sized European companies that can help our private sector's dynamics.” He added.

Zarif believes that Americans are addicted to sanctions. “The history of US foreign relations shows that it has often imposed the most sanctions on most countries. This addiction to sanctions prevented them from fulfilling their duties and obligations in the time of Obama too.” He said.

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“God willing, we can improve the situation more every day, because the world is with us, and we have to take this opportunity. We can turn the pressure into increasing national production and non-oil exports, and show the Americans that they should cure their addiction to sanctions.” He stated.

“Europeans must decide if they want to pursue Europe's interests with the European perspective, or the American interests and personal interests of Trump, which are somewhat against their own interests. This has created an opportunity that we can use.” Zarif commented.

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