(Persia Digest) – Speaking about reports on the trip of Oman’s FM, Ben Alavi, to the US and whether mediating between Iran and the US was on his agenda, the spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “I have no information on Mr Ben Alavi’s trip to the US.”

Bahram Ghasemi continued: “Tehran has good, sustained ties with Oman. We are always in touch. Mr Zarif also traveled to Oman in the past weeks; but I see no correlation between these trips.”

Answering a question on negotiations between Iran and the US, he reiterated: “The US has shown time and again that it is untrustworthy.”

Bahram Ghasemi also pointed to hostile American policies towards Iran and its withdrawal from the JCPOA, adding: “Talks and negotiations with today’s America and its policies is certainly not on the table.”

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said regime change proposed by certain US officials was irrelevant and a wild dream which will not come true.

He also said he did not see a war happening between Iran and the US, adding: “US hostile policies towards Iran will continue. Iran is ready for this. It will use everything in its power to counteract these conspiracies and hostilities.”

He continued by saying: “Trump will come back one day and re-describe its demands from Iran.”

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