(Persia Digest) – The Head of the National Drought Warning and Monitoring Center at the Meteorological Organization of Iran announced: “In the time span over the last 120 months ending in July 2018, 97 percent of Iran has suffered from accumulated long-term drought.”

Sadegh Ziaeian continued: “Of this 98 percent, 5.5 percent is slight drought, 28.5 percent is moderate drought, 50 percent is severe drought, and 13 percent is very severe drought.”

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He added: “Only 0.3 percent of the country has a slight wet period and 0.1 percent is having a moderate wet period. The rest of the country has normal conditions.”

Ziaeian pointed to the short-term drought, stating: “According to the SPEI index, in the 12 months ending in July 2018, most regions in Iran are undergoing various levels of drought. In total, around 91.7 percent of the country is facing a short-term drought, of which 17 percent is slight, 27 percent is moderate, 17 percent is severe, and 30 percent is very severe. Only 8 percent of Iran has normal conditions.”

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