September 09, 2017 09:17
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(Persia digest)-  Planet earth has many amazing people living in it. One of these is a little 4-year old boy who has surprised everyone with his stunts. His name is Seyed Arat Hosseini. He was born I Iran on 30 September 2013. This wonder child has been coached by his father since the age of one when he began his gymnastics and acrobatics lessons.

In an interview with MEHR News Agency, Arat’s father talked about how he discovered his son’s talent. He says everything was ordinary until he was three months old, when I noticed that Arat had very strong arms and he could hang well from a place. When he was seven or eight months old, he surprised me by doing a somersault as he hung there. He repeated the movement a few times in a row when he was 13 months old.

And that is how Arat’s father gave up his job and began coaching his son full-time.

To-date, the Daily Mail and over 30 TV channels and 35 newspapers and other publications have reported on Arat and aired documentaries on him, all of which has met with a wide welcome by the audience.

There are no championships in the world for children as young as Arat. Even so, he has managed to take part in two stages of two programs of child prodigies of all ages and the under 10 show for children in China and leave the panel of judges and the world wide-eyed. Arat was the youngest competitor in these competitions




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