(Persia Digest) - Heiran Pass is a village in the city of Astara in the northwestern part of Iran, which has a temperate, and sometimes cold and mountain climate.

Heiran Pass is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran due to its natural beauty, and because of its good weather conditions in recent years, it has attracted many Iranian and foreign tourists.

Heiran Pass is on the path of the Astara-Ardebil road. From one side, it overlooks the mountains covered with massive forests and from the other side it overlooks a not so deep valley which passes through the Aras River, which determines the border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Most of the time it is covered with fog, and naturally, the valleys and its foothills are covered with flowers and forest and grassland plants.

There are facilities for recreation, tourism, transportation, accommodation and ... in this area. This area has natural pristine landscapes, and half of the forests and pastures belong to Iran and the other half to Azerbaijan.

Persia Digest suggests that all tourists have this area in mind for their summer trips; that’s because this is one of the most beautiful green areas in Iran.

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