(Persia Digest) – Former Iranian reformist President, Seyed Mohammad Khatami, has described the country’s problems and shortcomings, apologized to the nation, and presented 15 guidelines to break the deadlock.

At a meeting with former MPs, Khatami said: “A dangerous insinuation is that the Islamic Republic is on the verge of collapse. This is psychological warfare. The Republic will not collapse, because not only does it have the required infrastructures set in place, it also has a significant base in society. The demands of the greater part of society is not revolution, insurgence, and collapse. They want a peaceful life; although they may not believe in the Islamic Republic, they still want peace and security.”

Seyed Mohammad Khatami stressed: “Sparking protests and undermining the government will only create chaos, giving rise to an unpopular dictatorship which may divide the country.”

The former president of the reformist government reiterated: “While defending the Islamic Republic, I strongly believe that it must also be responsive to reforms. Emphasizing on keeping structural, political, and functional difficulties and refusing all reform is not possible. Disappointment in reform will cause serious and irreversible damage.”

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With emphasis on the need to create hope in society, Khatami presented 15 solutions to the current situation, as follows:

1.  Creating and reinforcing solidarity
2.  National unity
3.  Change of outlook by the national media
4.  Political freedom and security
5.  Restricting the inner circle
6.  Removing house arrest
7.  Freeing all political prisoners
8.  Declaring a public amnesty (The Iranian diaspora are patriots. It is not important how much they believe in the Islamic Republic. Reassurance must be given that the mass of Iranian experts inside the country and elsewhere can take better steps for the progress of Iran.)
9.  Removing unnecessary limitations (Free elections)
10.  Ending extremism
11.  More efficiency for the three branches and government institutions
12.  Listening to the people and their protests
13.  An answerable government
14.  Keeping the people’s confidence in the Parliament
15.  Trials by jury 

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