(Persia Digest) - Director General of Fisheries in Mazandaran Province said the province's caviar exports reached $ 10 million in the first quarter of this year, more than threefold compared to the same period last year. The last quarter of last year’s exports were worth $ 3 million.

According to Valiollah Mohammadzadeh, given the significant investments in sturgeon production in the past few years, caviar and sturgeon production will increase every year.

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Mohammadzadeh predicted that more than 2000 tons of fish and 2500 kg of caviar will be produced and exported to target markets in Europe and Asia this year. Last year, the amount of sturgeon production was 1500 tons, plus 1800 kg of caviar.

Persia Digest reports that Iranian caviar has a special place in the world. Annually, it is exported to many European countries, including Germany, France and Italy, and it has a good global market in comparison to the production of other countries.

The caviar is rich in vitamins, mineral salts, proteins and fats, which are very effective in preventing inflammation of the joints, gastrointestinal tract and cancer.

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