(Persia Digest) – Youth and student teams from Iran have successfully participated a the 2018 FIRA RoboWorld Cup in Taiwan.

Persia Digest Reports that the Amirkabir University of Technology AUTMAV team came third in the FIRA Air league after China and Taiwan.

In the U19 category, the Danesh X-Prime robotics team from Gholahk High School in Tehran came first in the urban league. Danesh Express team from the same school were the runners-up in the same league.

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In Sport Robots, the Danesh Plus team in the U19 category from Danesh Express School came second. The Salam Dibaji school team came third in this league. In the U14 category of the Sport Robots league, the Salam Sadr school team were the winners.

In the U19 category of the Mission Impossible League, the Terminator team from the Amirkabir Robotics School ranked 5th in the competitions.

The 23rd FIRA RoboWorld Cup will run from 6-12 August 2018 with 250 participating teams from 20 countries in Taichung, Taiwan.

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