(Persia Digest) - Deputy of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology pointed out that more students are settling their accounts in state universities for their degrees, saying: “This usually happens when students want to leave Iran to continue their higher education.”

Hossein Salar-Amoli added: “The number of students emigrating is on the increase as compared to last year. Of course, the overall number of students leaving is not very high, but we are concerned about the number of elite students leaving.”

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When asked which students have the higher statistics of leaving, he said: “We see more elite students leaving in the engineering fields.”

He described the intAraction of Iranian universities with the best universities in the world as good, adding: “Presently, we have 25 joint courses in different fields with the world's top universities. Around 2100 scientists worldwide traveled to Iran for courses, seminars, conferences and joint projects last year.”

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