(Persia Digest) – The legal assistant to the Iranian President announced: “Real and legal personalities in the private sector who have suffered damages through US actions over the past decades have filed complaints in Iranian courts and rulings have been issued in their favor. The volume of damages incurred by these entities to date amount to over USD 110BN. Obviously, damages inflicted by the United States add up to a much larger figure.”

Laya Joneydi told Khabar Online that a new wave of damages incurred by real and legal personalities in Iran will be investigated following the US exit from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal which can be subject to judicial review, adding: “The sum of USD 110BN is for damages prior to the US exit from the JCPOA. Since the processing of cases can never take place within three months, the processing of damages following the exit of the United States will only start now.”

Joneydi said: “The compensation rulings do not include damages incurred by the CIA-led coup in 1953. As no formal claims have been filed for this, so far it only includes those who suffered by the coup.

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She commented about a lawsuit by the government of Iran for damaging US involvement in the 1953 coup, saying: “I wanted a case study to be conducted on this, because many people have to be convinced about the framework in which we litigate. In other words, the type of lawsuit is important.”

About receiving compensation from the US, she added: “In the lawsuits by real personalities, individuals can agree and give representation to government agencies or NGOs to follow-up their cases.”

Referring to US lawsuits against Iran, Joneydi said about the possibility of redress between Iran and the United States: “If serious negotiations take place and the parties are willing to talk, a settlement can logically be negotiated.”

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