(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Supreme Leader has commented on the reasons for not talking with the United States, saying: “Americans depend on money and power and think of talks as business. When they want to talk with another party, they set their main goals and are unwilling to take a step back. They demand credit points from the other party, and if they are refused they create commotion and controversy to bring the other party down.”

Ayatollah Khamenei continued: “For what it takes cash in hand, America does not give anything in exchange. It just makes promises to make the other side happy. But once the last stage is over and it has what it wants, it breaks all its promises. This is the American way of negotiating. Now, should we negotiate with this dishonest government?”

He added: “The JCPOA is a clear example of this. Despite the fact that I was very strict, the red lines that we had set were not observed. The Islamic Republic can negotiate with the United States whenever it reaches the authority where American pressures do not affect it. This is not currently possible. Hence, Imam Khomeini forbade negotiations with the US and so do I.”

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The Supreme Leader stated: “Over the past six months, the US has become less literate and more obnoxious in what it says. They also failed to observe diplomatic protocol adequately before; but, lately, they have been even less courteous in their dealings with other nations. They have been shameless towards us recently. Apart from sanctions, they speak of two other options: War and negotiations. They talk of war to scare the weak.”

He continued by saying: “They also play a trivial game of talks. One says talks with pre-conditions, and the other says unconditional. I have two words to say to the people on this: “There will be no war and we will not negotiate. This is the gist of it for everyone to know.”

He added: "Even if it was possible to negotiate with the Americans, we would certainly not negotiate with the current government."

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