(Persia Digest) - RT writes that the presidents of Russia and Iran met on the sidelines of the Caspian summit in Aktau, Kazakhstan on Sunday. Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani addressed ways in which world’s most acute crises, particularly in the Middle East, can be settled, the Kremlin said.

Bilateral relations, Syria and the situation connected with the US steps towards Russia were on the meeting’s agenda, RIA Novosti quoted the Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying Monday. “We have many issues to address regarding the world’s acute crises, including that in Syria,” Putin said at the meeting. Rouhani noted that “our common goal is to establish stability and peace in the whole region and provide security for the region’s countries.” Iran’s president said: “The world has witnessed how, with the help from Iran and Russia, the Syrian army was able to play a vital role in fighting terrorism in Syria.”

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