(Persia Digest) – Pakistan’s Prime Minister elect, Imran Khan, is planning to travel to Iran on his first official trip in office. This will take place after his inaugural ceremony on 18 August.

The Daily Times of Islamabad reports that Imran Khan will travel to Saudi Arabia after Iran.

Imran Khan was the candidate for Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Party and won the elections with a campaign promise for a "New Pakistan" as a reformist fighting corruption. He was a popular cricketer turned politician.

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The IR of Iran’s special envoy, Mahdi Honardoust, extended his government’s official invitation to Imran Khan on 4 August during a visit with him.

Saudi King, Malek Salman, also talked on the phone with Imran Khan on 25 July to congratulate his election and invite him to Riyadh.

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