(Persia Digest) – At a meeting with Iran’s economic delegation, the Syrian Minister of Housing announced that the role of Iran’s private sector will be highlighted in re-building the war torn areas of Syria.

The meeting took place in Damascus where Minister Hussein Arnous agreed to forming a construction team from Iran for the reconstruction work of the areas razed to the ground by the terrorists in Syria.

According to the report, Hussein Arnous declared readiness for Syria to welcome Iranian companies and eliminate barriers for cooperation.

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It was also agreed at the meeting for Iranian companies to construct 30 thousand residential units in Damascus, Aleppo, and Homs.

Following the signature of an economic MoU with Iran yesterday, Syrian Minister of Economy, Samir Al Khalil, emphasized: “This is a long-term, strategic MoU between Iran and Syria which will benefit the interests of both countries.”

Al Khalil added: “We aim to reach a genuine economic agreement to promote trade ties between Iran and Syria and establish mutual companies to work on our two economies.”

According to the Syrian Minister of Economy, the new MoU comprises customs cooperation, tariffs, taxes, trade ties, joint banks, and shortening the list of goods that are not exempt from tax. Working on exhibitions, investment in all the sectors and the reconstruction of Syria in particular, and sharing experiences are the goals of the two countries.

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