(Persia Digest) – German Ambassador, Michael Klor-Berchtold, has tweeted about his visit to the Bakhtiari nomads in western Iran, saying: “Summer days with nomads in Iran; staying with Bakhtiyari nomads in Koohrang valley, central Zagros mountains, Chelgerd, and enjoying hospitality of friendly Bakhtiyari family. Early morning wakeup, followed by a Bakhtiyari nomad breakfast, goat milk, yoghurt, goat cheese, butter, walnuts, omelet, tea…”

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Persia Digest reports that Bakhtiari nomads are a tribe living in western and southwestern Iran. Archaeological excavations show that settlements in this area date back to 40 thousand years ago. Natural resources such as water, forests, pastures, rainfall, abundant reservoirs, and valleys for agriculture made this an ideal settlement ground for mankind in the past. Some of the nomads from this region still migrate twice a year to find pastures new in the winter and summer.

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