(Persia Digest) - Golestan Province is one of the most beautiful northern provinces of Iran, as its lexical meaning (a place full of flowers) is a good indication of the beauty of this province.

One of the beautiful areas of this province is Jahan-Nama Yaylag Village. The village is located in a protected area of the same name. A pristine and spectacular Yaylag which brings to mind the landscape of the Alps and Swiss villages. It is surrounded by a large plain among several million year old Hyrcanian Forests and Alborz mountains.

The protected area of Jahan-Nama has the most healthy and untouched mountain forests in the northern part of Iran, and is said to be the only region in Iran where tigers can easily live.

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Jahan-Nama Forests are Hyrcanian Forests and are among the oldest in the world. It is interesting to know that the area is also known as the roof of the Golestan Province, because from its highest parts, Kordkuy, Gorgan and Bandar Turkaman cities can be seen. The famous Ziarat village with its beautiful waterfall is also located in this area.

Due to its great beauty and magnificence, the area hosts many domestic and international tourists annually enjoying a great time there.

The route to Jahan-Nama Village

Address: (Iran), Golestan Province, Kordkuy City, Jahan-Nama Protected Area, Jahan-Nama Village

To reach Jahan-Nama you have two ways, either go from Kordkuy in Golestan Province or go from Damghan in Semnan Province.

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