(Persia Digest) - Iran's Defense Minister has announced the launch of the first Iranian fighter plane on 22 August.

Brigadier General Amir Hatami, Iran’s Defense Minister, said: “A new deterrent will be unveiled in the next few days. This is a fighter plane and support for the armed forces which is ready to be unveiled on Defense Industry Day. We have greatly progressed in defense, and ballistic, cruise, and surface-to-surface missiles (SSM). The “Karar” tank is also undergoing final tests by the armed forces.

Regarding the “Bavar 373” defense missiles, Iran’s Minister of Defense said: “This will be at the disposal of the armed forces by the year end, when we will be able to manufacture and export them.”

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He stated: “We are moving in the strategic thinking of the Islamic Republic based on active deterrence. Iran is proud of never having attacked another country, insisting on keeping peace and stability. A position of power is needed to achieve this.”

He added: “The enemy negotiated with Libya who packed and loaded everything on a ship and handed it over. But, where do they stand now? Hence, we will keep our power of deterrence and improve it. This is our right. Intelligence, science, and history dictate that we promote our defensive systems at a time when the enemy is seeking to disarm us.”

Hatami continued: “Our priority at the Ministry of Defense is our missile deterrents and our defensive power. We are also dedicated to our air, ground, and sea capabilities. Proxy wars in the region showed us that we must be vigilant about our ground capabilities. We are endeavoring to maintain a balance within our defense systems.”

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