(Persia Digest) - Iran will attend the Vienna international tourism exhibition as a special guest. This was discussed at the meeting of Iran's ambassador to Austria, Abdollah Molaei, with Kriegelstein, the head of the Vienna exhibition about the cooperation between the two countries on exhibitions.

The exhibition, which is held annually at the last week of January with presence of more than 800 accredited Austrian travel agencies and 70 countries in Vienna, offers four season tour packages to tourists.

In the past two years, a number of people active in the Iranian tourism industry have also participated in the exhibition.

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According to Persia Digest, aside from visiting several thousand year old historical monuments and beautiful natural attractions, another advantage of traveling to Iran is that it is cheap for foreign tourists. Given the value of the Iranian rial against US dollar, foreign tourists can travel to Iran at a low cost.

Recently, the Iranian government has provided new services and facilities for developing tourism, one of which is to obtain visa more easily. Of course, for the people of 190 countries, an airport visa is issued for traveling to Iran. You also do not need to go to the embassy to get a visa, and you can do everything through the internet. If you are interested, you can learn more about travelling to Iran by searching through the Persia Digest’s website.

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