(Persia Digest) – The first advanced fighter jet made in Iran has been unveiled at a ceremony attended by the President.

The fighter jet has been named “Kowsar” and has been designed and built by Iranian engineers at the Defense Industries Organization (DIO) of Iran.

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The fighter jet is equipped with 4th generations Avionics Advanced Integrated Architecture System and Fire Control, Sheba military digital data, digital multi-display monitors, heads up display technology (HUD) for increased precision, advanced multipurpose fire control radar (FCR) to hit the target, accurate radio navigation, and a smart mapping system.

Kowsar fighter jet will give close airborne support. It has been entirely made in Iran, placing this country among the few who can manufacture fighter aircraft with 4th generation avionics and fire control. The jet will be manufactured in two types of single seat and double seat. The latter will also be used for pilot training exercises.

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