(Persia Digest) – Faranak Parto-Azar, Asia’s No 1 on the UCI World Ranking for cross-country cycling, has had a mishap with her bicycle chain which broke during the Asian Games, preventing her from becoming a medalist and having to make do with 4th place.

Iran’s national cycling team’s technician, Hassan Sadoughi-Rad, said this was just an unfortunate incident, adding: “Faranak’s bike chain had been changed two days ago and it was completely new.”

He stressed: “The national team coach is very specific and we always used parts by the best brands to avoid accidents.”

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Faranak Parto-Azar who lost her chance to become a medalist at the Asian Games was in tears. She commented on the incident: “The bike chain was of a good quality. Many world champions use this brand of chain. I was unlucky.”

Persia Digest reports that another team member, Hossein Zanjanian, also blew a tyre yesterday in downhill to drop down to 7th place. He was also very upset and said he could have been among the medalists if he had not lost time changing tyres.

These two incidents have led some to believe this is not just down to bad luck, naming sub-standard equipment as the culprit working against Iranian athletes at the Asian Games. This claim has been refuted by Iran’s Cycling Federation authorities, stating that these were two rare, unfortunate accidents.

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