(Persia Digest) –The UN special rapporteur on human rights has reported that the reimposition of unilateral US sanctions against Iran is illegal, cruel, and harmful.

The UN rapporteur issued a statement in Geneva yesterday that US sanctions on Iran are unfair and harmful and warned that their reimposition will lead to a global economic warfare.

Idriss Jazairy stated: “The reimposition of sanctions against Iran following the unilateral US withdrawal from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal backed by a UN Resolution is illegal.”

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The statement emphasizes: “Other permanent members of the Security Council, and indeed all international partners, endorse the illegitimacy of the sanctions…” International sanctions must have legal and proportional goals and not harm ordinary citizens; however, none of the said criteria (sanctions against Iran) have been observed.

In this statement, while thanking the international community for countering economic bullying, he expressed his satisfaction with the European Union's initiatives to deal with this injustice both diplomatically and through the laws of protecting European companies against US sanctions and the international community standing up to a full-blown economic war.

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