(Persia Digest) - CNN reports that Jim and Gladys Strain from Riverdale, New York say they have been to every country in the world, and first came to Iran in the 1950s, on their honeymoon. Professors of psychiatry and nutrition, they have come back, they say, as they've never seen the country's south.

"People are wonderful, they are friendly, welcoming," said Gladys Strain. "They offered us roses at the airport."

Her husband added: "We are disgusted with our president. He is misbehaving." US foreign policy was dictated by its close relationship with Iran's regional adversaries of Israel and Saudi Arabia, he said.

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This is the curious paradox of the standoff between the "Great Satan" and the country Trump once threatened with a crushing military response. When their people meet, they appear to get along okay. It's just their leaders -- Iranian conservatives and American Republicans -- who regularly clash.

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