(Persia Digest) - The first oral hearing to investigate Iran's complaint about the resumption of anti-Iranian sanctions by the United States opened at the International Court of Justice today.

Iran’s lawyer argued at the session: “The US actively promotes anti-Iranian policies causing ‘irreparable prejudice’ and destroying Iran’s economy, companies, and all Iranian citizens to the maximum extent possible.”

Mohsen Mohebi reiterated: “This policy is a clear violation of the 1955 Treaty of Amity between the two countries.”

Iran’s representative at The Hague added: “Tehran is seeking diplomatic solutions to resolve the conflicts between the two countries, but the US has rejected diplomacy.”

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 Achaemenid soldier en route to Iran

Mohebi stressed: “Iran has remained committed to its obligations under the 2015 deal (JCPOA) and, therefore, reinstating sanctions against Iran is unjustifiable.”  

He also noted that the sanctions have already had adverse effects on the Iranian economy and society, exacerbating the already sensitive situation in the Middle East and increasingly exposing it to instabilities.

Iran’s representative reiterated: “This is nothing but an aggressive economic policy towards Iran.”

In its initial written argument presented to the Court, the US challenged the ICJ’s jurisdiction in this case and said Iran’s statements are outside its boundaries.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a fact sheet in which eleven questions have been answered on the Islamic Republic of Iran's lawsuit against the United States at the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

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The International Court of Justice is expected to take overall two months to decide on a provisional ruling at Tehran’s request. The oral hearing will take from 27-30 August 2018, following which the Court will make a final decision a month later.

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