September 02, 2018 14:43
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(Persia Digest) – These days, Hamedan, in west central Iran, is host to an exciting delicious festival called “Art and culinary tourism festival”. The aim is to spread the culture of using traditional home cooked foods rich in nutritional value, discover cookery talents, and introduce Hamedan’s best tourism attractions. Hamedan has a large choice of dishes and is known as the land of unusual pickles and jams.

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Formerly known as Ecbatana, this is one of the world’s and Iran’s oldest cities. It is in west central Iran and known as having a cold weather in the winter. This was the first capital city of the Medes, Iran’s first monarchy. It is recognized as Iran’s fifth cultural and touristic city for its historic attractions.

Hamedan has been selected as the Tourism Capital of Asia 2018. This is a most significant event in Iranian tourism for this year. The city was put forward by Iran at the ministerial meeting for Asian tourism in China and was approved by the members.

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To add to the attractions of this ancient city, the art and culinary tourism festival is now being held here, the pictures of which you can see below.

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