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(Persia Digest) - Masoudieh Mansion is an attractive palace in Tehran with a total area of 4000 sq. meters that was constructed in 1878 during the Qajar dynasty era upon the order of prince Masoud Mirza (Zell-e Soltan), hence called Masoudieh. The mansion was registered on Iran’s National Heritage List in 1997.

Masoud Mirza, son of Nasser-e-Din Shah, was the governor of Isfahan for many years. After his father’s death, Masoud Mirza could not ascend to the throne as his mother was from outside the Qajar dynasty's family group. To assert his power, he then made many bad moves among which were the demolition of several palaces belonging to the Safavid era.

After the accession of Mohammad Ali Shah, Masoud Mirza occasionally assisted the constitutional revolutionaries hoping that they might throw their weight behind him. On the day of the Majlis bombardment by artillery fire on 23 June 1908, Masoudieh Mansion, located on Baharestan Square near the Majlis, was one of the places used as a bastion by revolutionaries to shoot at Cossack forces.

Masoudieh Mansion is a tourist attraction, both for locals and foreigners, which consists of many sections that have witnessed different historical episodes of Iran’s modern history.

Today the historical mansion houses shops selling Iranian handicrafts which have proved to be popular with visitors.


The best way to gain access to Masoudieh Mansion is by metro. After getting off at Baharestan Station, a short walk down Ekbatan Street will get you to the mansion where you can enter by paying a small fee.

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