September 09, 2018 09:57
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(Persia Digest) – The Chair of European parliamentary relations with Iran has stressed that Tehran is in full compliance of its obligations under the JCPOA, saying: “We are looking to set up an independent banking system for Europe and Iran to work together.”

At a meeting in Brussels on Saturday with Kazem Jalali, Head of Iran’s Islamic Legislative Assembly Research Center, Janusz Lewandowski said European companies were looking to work with Iran.

Lewandowski stated that Trump is pursuing an agenda of propaganda against Iran in the international community, and reiterated: “Europe must learn to cope without the US on an international level.”

Deputy Chair of European parliamentary relations with Iran, Ernest, also emphasized on the independence of EU’s foreign relations from the US, stating: “Iran is one of the main regional actors. The United States sees this as an opportunity to destroy the JCPOA and take the EU hostage.”

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Kazem Jalali also pointed to the JCPOA and EU actions at the meeting, and said: “We want tangible actions by the EU in this respect. Slogans will not suffice.”

Jalali stressed on EU’s additional duties in keeping the JCPOA, adding: “The Iranian people have legitimate questions about the economic achievements of the accord. Apart from its practical steps, the EU must also make up for the unilateral withdrawal of the US from the accord.”

Jalali reiterated: “We are looking forward to actions by the EU for staying in the JCPOA.”

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