September 09, 2018 14:18
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(Persia Digest) – The Head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization has announced an exhibition of Dutch cultural-historic artefacts in Tehran.

Ali-Asghar Munesan said: “A collection of over 300 artefacts from the Netherlands will be on display at the National Museum of Iran in Sept/Oct.”

He stated that an exhibition of Iranian artefacts is ongoing at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands, titled “Iran: The cradle of civilization”, adding: “Drents Museum - Exhibition of archeology and art in the Netherlands - has over 300 artefacts and art works from the 18th to the 20th century; this will be inaugurated in Tehran mid-October.”

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Munesan stressed: “Holding such exhibitions in our National Museum is an affirmation of our will to have dynamic cultural exchanges with other countries.”

Persia Digest reported that “Iran: The cradle of civilization” was inaugurated in Drents Museum on 16 June 2018 with 196 artefacts from Iran’s National Museum. This will continue until Mid-November, when it is predicted to be visited by over 150 thousand people.”

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