September 15, 2018 11:30
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(Persia Digest) – The Iranian film selection board has nominated “No date, no signature” by Vahid Jalilvand to represent Iran at the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film in its 91st edition.

The introduction statement reads:

“The unilateral US withdrawal from the JCPOA accord and the reimposition of unfair sanctions against the Iranian nation has seriously increased the chances of the proposed boycott of the Oscars.

The Iranian film selection board is respectful of this view by a group who are looking after Iran’s interests and asking for the Oscars to be boycotted. But, it also believes that the Academy is a non-governmental organization belonging to the free American film industry.

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Apart from American filmmakers, European, Latino, African, Asian, and a significant number of Iranian cinematographers are also members of the Academy. The American cinema and the majority of Academy members in particular have joined the absolute majority of the press and US media as effective centers of opposition against the populist Trump administration and his racist, unilateral policies.

Iranian cinema, as part of cultural and public diplomacy, can take this opportunity to be present at the Oscar ceremony to strengthen relations between nations, influence public opinion and, inevitably, increase pressure on the US administration.

The board members know only too well that the film selected from Iran will be facing tough competition. But we are sure that if it is successful, the Oscars will provide a brilliant platform for the Iranian cinema to bring the voice of an ancient, gentle, and peaceful nation to the whole world.”

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