September 16, 2018 12:53
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(Persia Digest) – A play on the life of great Persian poet Sa’di titled “Sa’di mosafer-e shahr-e esgh” [Sa’di – Traveler of the city of love], written by Aliangholi Razzghi and directed by Zhoubin Ghaziani, will be staged on 22 September 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.

Centennial Theater in North Vancouver will host the Iranian company who will be playing out Sa’di Shirazi’s life on stage, from birth to death, with a message of “Global peace and freedom”.

Iran’s pioneer radio, television, and theater actor, Mohammad Omrani, will play Sa’di’s part.

Director Zhoubin Ghaziani, said: “The main reason for staging the play outside Iran is to attract immigrants to their roots in art and culture. Just the fact that some of the audience goes to read Sa’di’s “Boustan” and “Golestan” compilations when they leave the theatre is very valuable to me. The difficulties of living in a new country engages immigrants in everyday problems which, in itself, is enough to distract them from the valuable ancient arts and culture of their country of origin, Iran.”

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Alborz Rahmani is the soundtrack composer. He is accompanied with Sina Ettehad on the kamancheh, Sohrab Sa’ebnia on the dulcimer, and Na’eim Charkhi on percussion. Parvin Sarabadani is the producer.

The play will begin at 19h30 on the above date in the 650-seat theater.

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