(Persia Digest) – The PR office of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has released a statement announcing that the Air Defense Force has fired six medium-range missiles on the headquarters of terrorists in eastern Euphrates responsible for the Ahvaz attacks.

Initial reports indicate that large numbers of takfiri terrorists and their leaders who led the attack on the Ahvaz parade have been killed or injured. The missiles were fired from a distance of 570 kilometers. Their ammunition and storage facilities were also destroyed.

The missile attack was followed by seven Army Airborne UAVs bombing terrorist backup positions.

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Attack on armed forces parade in Ahvaz

The IRGC has underlined in its statement that conclusive evidence on the recent Ahvaz massacre has led to the terrorist base in eastern Syria guided and supported by America. The base operated under the evil objectives of White House state terrorism and the interests of the Zionist regime and regional reactionaries. Detailed planning and field information designated points were targeted with Zolfaghar and Ghiam ballistic missiles.

In its statement, the IRGC has given assurances that the security of the Iranian nation is the red line of its armed forces. It will continue its effort with the help of all other military, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel of the country in protecting Iran and securing its people. Its iron fist will always give a decisive answer to the enemy’s evil, foul plays.

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Zarif response to terrorist attack in Ahvaz

Persia Digest reported that five members of the separatist terrorist group, Al Ahwazieh, attacked a military parade in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran, on Saturday 22 September 2018. The parade was marking the anniversary of the day Iraq attacked Iran in 1980 and the start of the Holy Defense Week. The terrorists were wearing army uniforms and opened fire on the official stand, senior military and police chiefs, and the crowds, killing 25 people including a child and injuring 69.

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