(Persia Digest) – September 30th has been named as “Molana Day” on the Iranian calendar, also recognized by the United Nations. Molana was born on 30 September 1207 and is popularly known as Rumi. His collections of “Masnavi Manavi” and “Divan of Shams-e Tabrizi” are not only popular with or limited to Iranians and Persian-speakers. Their English translations have also reached global fame.

Iran’s top diplomat, Javad Zarif, has tweeted an English translation of a Molana’s poem commemorating his 811th birthday:

"I am not of the East, nor of the West, nor of the land, nor of the sea; ...
For I belong to the soul of the Beloved.
I have put duality away, I have seen that the two worlds are one;
One I seek, One I know, One I see, One I call."

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The Spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Office also tweeted: “Molana is the point of connection between poetry, mysticism, and philosophy in Persian literature. In our belief, Molana is an integral part of the glorious history, culture, and literature of Iran and the entire cultural world, with which the words and deeds of Iranians are intertwined. The works of Molana can be a ring interconnecting nations and the convergence point of people who have given their hearts to this prominent Iranian poet. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, in a world void of mysticism and deprived of love and spirituality, understanding Molana’s message can be a source of inspiration for opening the tangled complications of human society.”

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Molana’s best-known work worldwide is his Masnavi Manavi and one of the most valuable works of Persian literature. It contains 26 thousand verses in which the spirit of prayer and attention to God can be found in its warp and weft. Today, his works are being translated and interpreted in many languages.

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