(Persia Digest) – Margun waterfall is one of Fars Province’s tourist attractions in southern Iran. There is no river to provide the water for this fall; instead, thousands of fountains bubble up from the heart of the mountain and pour down, making Margun the world’s biggest fountain waterfall.

The water temperature here is always below 10 degrees centigrade even during the hottest summer months. It has a drop of 70 meters and a width of 100 meters and is known as one of Iran’s most splendid cascades, especially in the spring.

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The fountains of Margun merge into a river and run until Sepidan (former Ardakan). At 2200 meters above sea level, stalactites form around the waterfall in the cold season. Apple orchards, hawthorns, and barberry bushes among the mass of trees increase the beauty of the waterfall by twofold.


Iran, on the border of Fars and Kohgiluyeh & Boyerahmad provinces, Sepidan town (Fars)

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