(Persia Digest) –Chairman of the Board for Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate has announced: “One of the aims of the electricity exchange project with Russia is so we can export electricity to the EU from the Georgian and Ukrainian pilot. These projects increase our bargaining power in the region and the world, because it increases dependence on Iran's electricity grid.”

Payam Bagheri commented on increased electricity exports to neighboring countries, saying: “Due to the capacity that exists in Iran to become the pole of electricity in the region, predictions have been made in upstream laws to make this intrinsic capacity possible.”

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He added: “Our grid is now connected to all our neighboring countries; but we have the greater potential to export and exchange electricity in the region. One of the corridors that has been seriously discussed and negotiations are well underway in this regard is the connection of the Iranian electricity grid to Russia.”

He reiterated: “We have 80 thousand MW of installed electrical capacity. This is up to four times higher in Russia. To connect to this country’s electricity grid the two Armenia-Georgia-Russia and Azerbaijan-Georgia-Russia routes are being studied.”

He continued: “Talks have been ongoing between the two governments of Iran and Russia and good progress has been made.”

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Talking about the impact of Russian sanctions on Iran, he said: “We have bilateral monetary treaties with Turkey and its mechanism is in place. We can trade in our local currencies. Serious talks are being conducted with Russia to eliminate the dollar from our trade. These technical provisions will ensure smooth trade.”

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