(Persia Digest) – Iran’s football legend has been chosen as best striker in the history of AFC Asian Cup by AFC website users.

Former Team Melli and Persepolis Club star, Ali Daei, has received 59 percent of votes in an AFC online poll to become best striker in the history of AFC Asian Cup.

One-hundred days from the start of AFC Asian Cup 2019 on 5 January in the UAE, the AFC website announced last week that it was conducting a poll for its users to choose the best team in the history of the games.

It began by providing a list of top nine names who had played in the AFC matches and asked its users to vote for the top two best strikers in its history to play in its selected team.

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Apart from Ali Daei, other names on the list included Lee Dong-gook from S Korea, Naohiro Takahara from Japan, Younis Mahmoud from Iraq, Yasser Al-Qahtani from Saudi Arabia, Ali Mabkhout from the UAE, Jasem Al-Huwaidi from Kuwait, Tim Cahill from Australia, and Alexander Ginrich from Uzbekistan. The main rivalry was between Ali Daei and Yasser Al-Qahtani in which Daei from Iran succeeded to win the title.

The participants in the poll numbered 1,301,412, of which 767,438 or 59 percent voted for Ali Daei. Yasser Al-Qahtani came second with 35 percent of the votes, and Younis Mahmoud from Iraq with 4 percent was in third place.

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