(Persia Digest) – A speech was given by Iran’s Supreme Leader at a Basij gathering at the 100-thousand seat Azadi Sports Center.

Ayatollah Khamenei said: “The gist of my talk today is first the greatness of Iran, second the authority of the Islamic Republic, and third the invincibility of the Iranian nation. These are the realities that the enemies of the Iranian nation wish us to ignore and see ourselves differently.”

He said the greatness of Iran was not only in the present, but a historical matter over time: “Iran has been able to stand proudly in the fields of science, philosophy, politics, and arts and carry the banner of the humanities among Muslim nations, and among all the nations of the world at a certain period in time.”

He added the authority of the Islamic Republic was enough to bring the country out of British and American domination, saying: “The invincibility of the Iranian nation of course happens with the blessings of Islam. This can be seen in the victory of its Islamic revolution, its holy defense, and throughout four decades of plotting by the enemy.”

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The Supreme Leader continued: “The US enmity is not just for the death to America slogan. They hold a grudge for the principle of the revolution and the principle of the movement of the Iranian people. They are afraid of Islamic power and revolutionary power, so they try to eradicate and destroy the elements of power.”

“I recently heard that the president of the United States told some European leaders if you wait 2-3 months, the Islamic Republic will be toppled. It reminded me of what was said forty years ago, which never happened. Forty years on, the Islamic Republic is now a robust tree from a sapling. It reminded me of the saying the cat dreams of mice…”

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