(Persia Digest) – Australian cultural attaché and second in rank, Hamish Leslie Reisen, has said that Australians are not very familiar with Iran and its tourist attractions, adding: “Planning cultural programs is one of the best incentives for Australians to travel to Iran; because, the image they have of Iran is impacted by the global news coverage. Good news from Iran will surely attract their attention, especially about cultural links between the two countries.”

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Leslie told ILNA: “Australia is a young country and Iran’s ancient history is very interesting for us. Isfahan and Persepolis are the two top destinations for Australians visiting Iran due to their long history of a few thousand years.”

Leslie continued: “I am informed that large numbers of Australians have still traveled to Iran even after the US sanctions were reimposed. Those who had always wanted to travel to Iran, but had to pluck up the necessary resolve, are now planning a second trip to this country after their return to Australia; because those who have seen Iran have enjoyed their experience there and believe this has exceeded their expectations. They have enjoyed their trip and its attractions.”

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Leslie who is a fan of ecotourism, commented: “The ecotourism units across Iran are very attractive and I love the accommodation. I have been to some of them and thoroughly enjoyed the ones in Izeh and Alamout.”

Talking about the variety of Iranian food, he said: “Mirza ghasemi is a very delicious aubergine dish. We had a type of kebab and mushroom dish in Lorestan which was also very nice.”

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