(Persia Digest) – The “380th Anniversary of the first book printed in Iran” will be celebrated at a ceremony on Wednesday 10 October 2018 at the 70th Frankfurt International Book Fair

The Iran stand will host the ceremony which will open with a speech by Majedi, the Iranian Ambassador to Germany. A message sent by the Armenian Caliphate from southern Iran will also be read here.

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The first page of the first work printed in Iran in 1638 on a printing machine in Vank Printing House will be unveiled here. The original is kept at the British Museum.

The importance of this unveiling lies in the fact that the printing machine was not a duplicate of the Gutenberg printing press, but was invented in Iran. This is a prayer book of the Iranian Armenians living in Isfahan of which there are no copies left in Iran.

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At a time when a good image of Iran is not reflected in Western media, this unveiling takes on importance, because it brings forth the interaction between Christian Armenians and Muslims in Iran, leading to the printing of this book by an Iranian Armenian.

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