(Persia Digest) – The UK Ambassador to Tehran has said: “As an ambassador of a European country, I am committed to doing business with Iran within the framework of the JCPOA, adding: “The EU is setting up a banking system to solve trade ties with Iran.”

At a meeting with businessmen in Yazd Chamber of Commerce, Rob Macaire said: “The presence of several UK Embassy advisers and attachés on this trip shows our resolve to expand ties with Iran, and with this province in particular.”

He added: “A new banking system is being designed by the EU to work with Iran. This is a complicated process and a team of experts is currently working on it. Once this is operational, it can be used not only between Iran and the EU, but other countries can also benefit from it in their trade ties with Iran.”

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The UK Ambassador also pointed to a Joint Chamber of Commerce with Iran, and reiterated: “We are working to develop our mutual business ties and hope to use any criticisms and suggestions in our long-term planning.”

Macaire reminded: “Despite the political shadow cast on the relations between our two countries, we would like to expand trade ties and the UK side currently has great incentives to do so.”

The British Consul to Tehran also said at the meeting: “To solve existing banking problems between the two countries, we can use the currencies of other countries working with small financial institutions.”

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Yazd is Iran’s fourth industrial province and holds its second largest number of mines. It has 3700 industrial units and manufactures 800 types of goods. Last year, 200 hectares of the old fabric of the city of Yazd was registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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