(Persia Digest) - Deputy Minister for Legal and International Affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry has said that all necessary measures are in place in case of non-compliance by Trump regarding the ICJ ruling at The Hague.

Talking about the ICJ ruling in favour of Iran and Trump’s threats to terminate the 1955 Treaty of Amity, Gholam-Hossein Dehghani said: “The Americans have left many international treaties. At this rate, I believe the US President will terminate all int’l and regional treaties. This is going to be a problem for them, because the ICJ ruling is binding.”

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He continued: “If Trump ignores the ruling, Iran has the necessary provisions to act accordingly.”

He reiterated: “We will take our case to international organizations and the US administration must be answerable for its actions. Also, pressure can be exerted on the US at different stages to abide by the ruling.”

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Dehghani stated that it is possible for the ICJ ruling to be taken to the UN Security Council on international grounds, adding: “We must investigate this and see if it can be followed-up at the UNSC. But the US is bound by law to accept the ruling.”

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