(Persia Digest) – Two French tourists who visited Kerman, Iran, recently believe Iran is neither unsafe nor dangerous.

Mylène Verger and Antoine Réno spent a few days as guests in a traditional hotel in Kerman. In an interview with IRNA, they said: “This is not the country we read about in the papers. This is all new to us. We have seen nothing but peace and calmness among these people.”

They emphasized: “The notion we had from this country and its people from media outlets changed a lot during our trip.”

Antoine Réno added: “We received the same welcome in different cities. Everyone greets guests with hospitality and place their hands on their heart or eyes as a sign of saying hello, goodbye, or thank you; or they bow their heads and this was very interesting and friendly for us.”

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He continued: “Contrary to what we had heard, we could see international law and order being maintained in Iran and the presence of Afghan nationals in Kerman is witness to this. The people of Kerman have welcomed them in their midst and accepted their contributions.”

Mylène Verger also commented: “If we had known that Kerman is so big with so many attractions, we would have planned to spend more time here.”

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With seven Unesco registered sites, 700 registered National Heritage sites, and thousands of natural and historical attractions, Kerman holds a prime place in Iran’s tourism industry and is an important destination for both Iranians and visiting tourists.

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