(Persia Digest) – The Para-Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia have come to a close with Iran coming third with a climb in rank as compared to the last games.

On the last day of the games, the Iranian delegation managed to climb to second place, but three gold medals won by the South Koreans took it back to third place.

On the final game of the Men’s Wheelchair Basketball between Iran and Japan, the Iranian delegation won its final gold medal at the Para-Asian Games 2018.

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Iran sent 212 athletes to the games in Indonesia with the slogan “Hope and self-belief”, managing to win 51 gold, 42 silver, and 43 bronze medals (total of 136 medals) and a climb in rank to third place as compared to the previous edition of the games.

The Iranian genius swimmer, Shahin Izadyar, took 6 golds and a silver medal to leave behind an impressive record.

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The winners of the games were China in first place, South Korea in second place, and Iran in third place with a small difference as compared to the runners-up.

The medal table is as follows:

  1. china                   172 Gold         88 Silver        59 Bronze
  2. South Korea          53 Gold         45 Silver        47 Bronze
  3. Iran                       51 Gold         42 Silver        43 Bronze
  4. Japan                    45 Gold         79 Silver        83 Bronze
  5. Indonesia               37 Gold         47 Silver        51 Bronze

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