(Persia Digest) - Average non-oil exports from Iran destined for European countries have grown 112.9 percent in weight and 26.33 percent in value in the first half of the current year as compared to a similar period last year despite warning by the US to reduce trade with Iran.

Statistical tables published by Iranian customs show that 16 European countries – Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, France, the UK, Greece, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Portugal, Denmark, Croatia, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic – are on the list of 100 countries for Iranian exports.

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The highest growth rate of Iran's exports to European countries is for Croatia, which imported 6942 tons of goods worth USD 3MM 237 thousand and 294. Croatian imports from Iran show an increase of 1121 percent in weight and 557.99 percent in value.

Exports to the UK also rose in the first half of this year by 246.47 percent in weight, but dropped by 12 percent in value. During this period, 19,186 tons of goods were exported to this country at a value of USD 18MM 730 thousand and 879.

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Germany is also another country with the highest rate of imports in the first six half of the year as compared to a similar period last year. Its exports grew by 205.6 percent in weight and 4.97 percent in value. Exports of 60,940 tons of goods to Germany amounted to USD 137MM 627 thousand and 224.

Non-oil exports to Europe from Iran include mainly petrochemicals, steel, iron, float glass, cast iron products, and floor coverings.

Apart from dates and saffron which are exported globally on a regular basis, watermelon and apple juice exports to the green Continent are also significant.

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